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“The Word Begins” is like “The Odd Couple” with spoken word, hip hop, and a deeper, intense message taking us on a ride of racial exploration with the power of words.

Created by Sekou Andrews and Steve Connell, this 80-minute play is high-energy and fast-paced. It’s directed by Chase McKenna and stars Richard McIver and Lachlan McKinney.

“The Word Begins” is sometimes offensive, but with a deeper purpose. There are adult subjects and I do not recommend it if you are easily offended. Wait! I do recommend this if you are easily offended. I don’t think we can hide anymore from the sharp end of the conversation.

Watching the performance I was in awe of McIver and McKinney, both fast-paced and flawless indeed. There are also a deeper levels to their performances, conveying a feeling that they are not just acting but living their performances.

With a series of small vignettes showing elements of racism, we are taken to places perhaps uncomfortable. These uncomfortable places are indeed a part of the society we live in and part of our everyday life.

Even with the heavy subjects “The Word Begins” is very entertaining and captivating due in large part to the energetic performances. I have a feeling that if you watch this a second time you will find so much you missed the first time.

Please see “The Word Begins” and take someone with you. Have a conversation afterwards and be open to learning about our society and ourselves." - This is Reno Dana Nollsch


"YOU GUYS 😱😱😱 The Word Begins was UHHHMAZING. Seriously. I went to the theater and got curb stomped by reality. This show will ground you, humble you, and have you feelin' some type of way. I'm feeling all of the things right now. 
ART F*$&ING RULES!!!!" - Theatre Patron "The Word Begins"

"The show was 90 minutes of comedic mastery featuring some of Reno’s finest talents. McKenna strategically and effectively uses a myriad of comedic staples, including quick changes, a workout montage, and a hilarious dance-off to infuse a modern flair to the timeless production.  The semi-scripted show lends itself to a wealth of possibility as moments are created on the fly. Audiences feel they’re privy to something special; a one-of-a-kind production. The improvised moments are some of the best for they often caused the actors to break while on stage. Knowing that the actors were having just as much fun as us raises the overall vibration of the show."


"Thank you so much! My wife and I had a great time at the Star Wars show on Sunday night! I can't remember the last time I laughed that hard. If you don't remember me, I was the guy in the bright orange Rebel hat. I would love to see the show again and I have a ton of friends that missed it that I would love to invite. I know you mentioned not being able to do the show again, may I ask why that is? If there is anything that I can do to help make it happen again, I will. You are a great director and your show deserves to be seen! Thanks again." -M.F.


"Wow! I really wasn't sure what to expect when I walked into GLM last night, but I must say myself, and everyone else there, was wowed. I knew I was going to see Danny and the Deep Blue Sea, a dark and gritty story about two people who'd led questionable existences coming together and falling in love. The story itself seemed straightforward, but the show was anything but. A simple set and two incredibly talented actors successfully portrayed these characters drawing the audience in, allowing them to feel the tough emotions of anger and hatred, and bringing them along to celebrate and laugh with well placed comic relief.This two man production was incredibly captivating, and had me scanning the 2014 schedule to see what's coming next. Who knew Reno had such great actors and playwrights? It's clear that Reno's arts and culture game is stepping up right alongside everything else, and I for one am proud to see this!"  -Michael T.


"This is perhaps one of my favorite productions of Good Luck Macbeth. The simple backdrop and minor uses of props compliments the emotional complexity of the characters and the themes presented in the piece. As audience members arrive in the theater, Roberta is already of stage, sullenly starring into the void. The effect allows audience members to more fully immerse themselves into the characters and the world of John Patrick Shanley. The show features Reno new comers, Chase McKenna and Lachlan McKinney (McKenna also wonderfully directed the production). The two exhibit a chemistry unlike anything I have seen. Their emotional foray into the invisible traumas that we all carry with us is brilliantly played and masterfully executed. Also, I am sucker for a tall, dark, handsome man swearing profusely in a Jersey accent, while parading around in his underwear – call me old fashioned. McKenna and McKinney had me from the beginning and kept me excited and engaged throughout the entirety of the piece." -Oscar Ceezon


"The Star Wars Parody is pure chaos, madness, and hilarious!" 


"Seeing live theatre was not part of my upbringing, so in college and grad school I never thought, "I should go see a play." Seeing "Danny and the Deep Blue Sea" at Good Luck Macbeth, however, got me hooked. Don't get me wrong, I love me a movie (both mainstream and indie) any day of the week. There is just something so exciting about seeing a live production." -Katharine S.


"The stage was minimally set and it was a two person play. The show was presented without intermission and was about 90 minutes long. The production was perfect for this small space. We very much enjoyed the play - the acting was excellent, the story line was brutal and emotional. I enjoyed it much more than I thought I would." - Nancy V.


"Thank you beyond words for sharing the Star Wars show!! We just left and I absolutely had the time of my life! What an amazing cast, show and location! I am star struck, the rest of the weekend will be sold out for sure as well." 


"Saw preview last night. This is a good 'un here. Well worth seeing. McKinney & McKenna (sounds like a law firm or a Vaudeville duo) have the just-right chemistry for every nuance of Shanley's script. Bravo to both of you!"


""This show is terrific! I saw it last night. I might try to see it again!" - Carol S.


"Wow. Just had the first theatergasm I've had in awhile. THANK YOU for doing this show!!" -Annikki L.


"At times it was difficult to watch "Danny and the Deep Blue Sea," which is atGood Luck Macbeth through Jan. 18, but I'm so glad I did. This play is well worth seeing." -Geralda M.


"What a great show tonight! I've wanted to see this script on stage somewhere and am so glad this production was beautifully acted and perfectly designed! I feel lucky to have caught the show--only one weekend left!" -Rod H.


"If you haven't seen Danny and the Deep Blue Sea at Good Luck Macbeth, GO!! NOW!! Only one weekend left! " -Whitney K.


"Made me jump once, made me cringe twice, made me want to see it again."


"Get New York quality theatre right here in Reno, at the most intimate and innovate theatre in town Good Luck Macbeth Theatre. Starring the brilliant and talented Chase McKenna and Lachlan McKinney, this is a show that's going to stick with you for a long time to come, and it's really going to raise the bar for what we expect from our local arts programs. Check it out!"


"This is wonderful! Very emotional and well played."




"I was floored at last night's performance! Impressed with the writing but mesmerized, sucked in, enchanted and dazzled with the acting! So glad I "risked" taking 5 friends!"

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