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Harvest of Hope

5th Annual Harvest of Hope

                The Big Day

(Click here for FB event page)

Date: Thanksgiving morning Thursday, November 28th 

Time: 8:00 am volunteers working inside Liberty. 9:00 am for drivers 

Location: Liberty Food & Wine Exchange 100 N. Sierra St. Reno, NV 89501

We need you to make it happen:

On the morning of Thanksgiving Thursday, November 28th we need your help to hand out 1,500 meals, kindness kits and clothing the homeless people in and around the Reno area. 

We need 40 volunteers working inside the kitchen, our greeting team, and our load up teams inside Liberty - Your start time is 8:00 am

We need 100+ drivers to fill up their cars with food, clothing, and kindness kits and canvas the streets for those in need on Thanksgiving. Drivers will start lining up on Sierra Street at 9:00 am. There will be people there to help guide traffic. 

If you are volunteering inside you can park on the street or at the Court Street Parking lot. 

Liberty Food & Wine Exchange is located at 100 N. Sierra Street 



Deer Park in Sparks - 1700 Prater Way


Fourth Street from Downtown to Sparks


Salvation Army Area – 1931 Sutro St.


Bus Station 4th St. and Evans Ave.


Greyhound bus stop – 280 N. Center St.


Barbara Bennet Park – 400 Island Ave. Near South Arlington and Court Street


1st Street and Virginia Street.


Bicentennial Park – Near First and Ralston


Whitaker Park – Washington and 7th St.


9th Street and Valley near the freeway


Rock Park – 1515 S. Rock Blvd. Sparks


7th & Keystone under the bridge and the shopping centers on Keystone Ave.


Pickett Park Across from Renown Hospital – 1155 Mill Street


E. Fifth Street and Eureka Ave.


Virginia Street – Downtown Casinos


Backlot of GSR


Rancho 777 Residence – low-income housing and Elderly


West 4th Street – motels near Mi Casa Too


Paradise Park and the El Rancho Drive-in


McCarran at Longley


Peckham at Longley


Miira Loma shopping center


Prater & McCarran shopping centers.


Kietzke at Neil Road

Watch the video below to see how things are going to go on Thanksgiving 

Last year we handed out 785 meals, 750 kindness-kits, and over 1,000 articles of winter clothing.

This year we plan on doing 1,500 of everything! 

Here at Merry War Theatre Group, we have a lot to be thankful for.

We want to share the love! 

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