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The Taming of The Shrew

By William Shakespeare

Directed by Chase McKenna

Meet our Cast & Crew

Directed by Chase McKenna . Produced by Merry War Theatre Group


Get to know the cast and crew of Taming of the Shrew. 

We're #allshrewedup

The Cast

Cameron M Shirey (Petruchio):

I thoroughly enjoy finding ways to acquire as much money as possible. Kate's alright too I guess. 

Lili Grajeda Rojas (Bianca): I just want a real caring guy... like Bobby Kennedy! We can have two beautiful children, a handsome boy named Matthew, and a sweet girl named Mary. I just DON’T see why Kate wouldn’t want the same!


Brooke Lynn Tousley (Ensemble, Petruchio’s Gang, Haberdasher):

Hello! I am the Haberdasher, at your service. I do hats for weddings, sock hops, and even funerals! If you have a noggin, I’m a-knockin'. Please feel free to ring me a bell after the show at 831-461-8182 so you too can look dashing at any shindig with your fine fellow or baby, and with made in the shade guaranteed to tame any shrew.

Chase McKenna (Director, Katherine):

This Wildcat is content to go untamed. Helping out at the family business and torturing her sister Bianca is all she truly needs. Her other hobbies include breaking musical instruments, terrorizing the boardwalk, and being a self-imposed bouncer of the diner. 

Riley Blossom McKinney (Costumer, Ensemble, Red):

Hey there, studs! I love getting dolled up and going out to get milkshakes and tube-stakes at Baptista’s diner! I’m all about dreamboats who have that get-up-and-go attitude and gets all shook up for sock hops. I’ve got my saddle shoes on and I’m ready to twist. If you’re a shim, don’t bother coming around. Give me a bell if you’re looking for a dance partner! Come on snake, let’s rattle!

Aiden Nunez: (Biondello): 

Hey, I'm a part of the three musketeers, and even though my fellows (Tranio and Lucentio) tend to get more of the attention, I'm still a natural star and will take every moment to shine. Even though ladies tend to like my taller halves, this short boy will prevail!

Michael Peters (Baptista):

My dearly departed wife made me promise that I would make sure our difficult Katherine obtained a husband before our darling Bianca. It’s not been easy. Katherine takes after her mother…fiercely.  But money can be a great incentive.  At least I hope so.  And once the girls are married, I can sell the diner and open up the wine shop I’ve always wanted!

Efrain  Gonzalez (Lucentio):

 I, Lucentio, am ready to pursue my dreams in the beautiful city of Santa Cruz that has the best education an university can offer. But not only am I looking for good books, but also good times as time in Santa Cruz shall allow!

Brian Ault (Ensemble, Petruchio’s Gang, Tourist): Barry West (aka the Tourist to those he briefly encounters) is a brightly colored Bohemian with a love of people watching and people imitating. He fares from the lovely town of San Jose where feelings about him range from "delightfully quirky" to "get this man out of my sight before I squeeze the very life out of him." 

Owen Bryant (Hortensio):

Howdy! Name’s Hortensio, and I’m proud to call Santa Cruz my home! Most days I’m either playing my guitar, grabbing a malt shake at old Baptista’s, or canoodling with cuties down at the boardwalk. I rode the Ferris wheel once with Bianca. She was scared but I kept her safe. Boy, it sure was a pretty view at the top. Just as pretty as Bianca. I think I’m in love!

Jon Lutz (Vincentio):

Vincentio made his gizmo biz in Pizmo. Having made his dues, today he's passing through on his way to Santa Cruz. He pays no heed to public attention, so his presence here needs no display or mention. Digs music and deep sinkers ?!? -- wait that's 'thinkers'.


Ariel Quinain: (Ensemble, Curtis, Bianca Understudy): My name’s Curtis. When I’m not telling people to get bent or buzz off you’ll usually see me hanging with Petrucchio. I’m too cool for school and too lazy to do much else. You said this is a family show? Heh, then why’d you ask me and the gang to come? Oh, and if anyone asks, someone else stole Petrucchio’s beer.

Noel Tsuchiya (Grumio):


Ender Riddle (Ensemble, Petruchio’s Gang):

I’m just a guy in need of some leather and a baby.

Chadaeos Clarno (Gremio):

What should you do when you get the blues?  Just heed the Voice of sweet Santa Cruz.  
I spend my cash all over the town.  Now it’s high time that I settle down. 
Gonna find me a sweet little girl.  Dazzle her, man!  Make her my world. 
If she demurs, my cake is still dough. Let’s rock and roll,  I’m your Gremio.

Lachlan McKinney (Tranio, Tailor): I was born in Lubbock, Texas and moved to California to play rock’n roll. Some of my favorite songs to play and sing are Peggy Sue, Everyday, and Oh Boy. I can’t wait to get to Santa Cruz with my best friend Lucentio. I bet we can’t go more than a minute without getting into some kind of trouble in Santa Cruz.

Stacy Lott (Ensemble, Slim):

There’s nothin’ better than goin’ to the diner, sharing some milkshakes with my gals, and playing the best songs on the Juke. That’s when we introduce ourselves to some of the new boys in town and rock around the clock.

Michelle Perez (The Widow/Ensemble):

What’s buzzin’, cuzzin’? Michelle is jazzed to be in her first MWTG production. When she’s not putting on a bit, she likes to get down and put her bread hooks on a blanket. Michelle is a real cool cat and that’s the word from the bird! You dig?

Cassandra Michelle Moore: (Choreographer, Assist. Director, Ensemble, Petruchio's gang):

Last night’s bash was unreal! Billy rings me up to catch a flick, so I leave the pad in my best threads. Billy pulls up in this smokin’ hot rod. “Can I take you for a spin, baby?,” he says. “I’ve got dibs on the front seat,” I reply, trying not to go ape. Then these real fast cats in a souped up rocket pull up beside us at the first light and start eyeballing us. We took off screaming down the road, laying rubber. We were in the lead and it was a real kick until we realized the heat was on us. I was sure we were cruzin’ for a brusin’ til the officer approached and said, “nice wheels, son. Mind if I take her for a spin?” He was hep so we gave him the wheel and we goosed it down the road.

The Band

Gary Kephart: (The Santa Cruzers)

Slim Pickins- Fresh off the road playing with Reno’s popular Coney Dogs, Slim’s nuanced guitar stylings have come to define a new generation of cool. He’s thrilled to be working with such a talented bunch and is looking forward to their future debut on Broadway. 

Patricia Brewer (The Santa Cruzers):

Nate (The Santa Cruzers)

Megan Fielder (Featured Singer): 

Frankie Ferreira (Drummer - The Santa Cruzers)

The Crew

Marygrace McManus (Stage Manager):

When I'm not in ten different places at once, I'm down at the sock hop twistin' the night away. I'm real gone with Santa Cruz and only the hippest cats are allowed in this fat city. So be a slodge, and razz my berries. Show me how you jive.

Christine Trosclair (Assitant Everything):

Bring on the quick changes! And put that prop back where it came from or so help me.

Castle Paige (Backstage Crew) :

Castle Paige is my name, backstage tech is my game. I heard from the disc jockey that a cast of characters was cruising through Cali and I just had to see what all the hub was about and join the gang. Enjoy the show and don’t be a shim!


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